AISES National Gathering 

October 19-21, 2023





AISES in Canada National Gathering

March 3-5, 2023




AISES in Canada Student Chats

June, 2021




UBC AISES at the AISES in Canada National Gathering

March 18th, 2021




Indigenous Student Opportunities in Environmental Consulting

March 17th, 2021



Students sit around a round table with tubs of water and organic matter, magnifying glasses, and diagrams of insects. A staff member holds a tablet showing a photograph of an insect in the center of the table.


Indigenous STEM Day at Science World

January 13, 2020



Youth are sitting in chairs in a circle in a wooden hall with. Astronaut John Herrington is standing at the edge of the circle wearing a blue NASA bomber jacket.


Indigenous Astronaut John Herrington Comes to UBC

March 19, 2019