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IMPulse Mentorship Program

The Indigenous community faces unique challenges in the pursuit of post-secondary education.  The transition period between high school and university is a crucial time during which Indigenous youth make key decisions about their future, from choosing a university to moving away from home. We are initiating an Indigenous Mentorship Program for Indigenous high school students to provide them with an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with role models at the university who understand their cultural history and to experience elements of university campus first-hand. This program is an exciting partnership between UBC .caISES, UBC Let’s Talk Science, STEM Fellowship, and the UBC faculties of Science and Land and Food Systems.

IMPulse will consist of one-on-one mentorship between mentor and mentee, group mentorship sessions, and UBC campus visits (variable due to COVID). Mentorship sessions will be comprised of various activities and discussions that allow mentors and mentees to discuss their interests and build relationships. Mentors will continue to be accessible to their mentees outside of these catered sessions to continue the relationship building and to provide support and advice. Should COVID restrictions allow it, the program will culminate in a trip to UBC campus during which students will spend a full day participating in campus tours, hands-on STEM activities, and importantly, further exploring the key campus resources at UBC for Indigenous student.

If you would like to become a mentor, apply here.