Indigenous Astronaut John Herrington Comes to UBC

Youth are sitting in chairs in a circle in a wooden hall with. Astronaut John Herrington is standing at the edge of the circle wearing a blue NASA bomber jacket.On March 19th, 2019, UBC .caISES hosted Chickasaw NASA astronaut John Herrington and 25 Indigenous youth from the Lower Mainland at UBC’s First Nations Longhouse for a fun-filled morning finding creative solutions to a real-life space challenge. Modeled after this challenge during the Apollo 13 mission, students attempted to design an adapter to attach a square air filter to a round hole.  They presented their designs to John Herrington and were able to hear about his personal experiences in space. Following this, Indigenous UBC students were also able to attend a presentation by John Herrington during the weekly UBC Indigenous student lunch.

This event was also featured in AISES Winds of Change magazine.